Silk Painted Challa Cover Panorama Purple
Silk Painted Challa Cover Panorama Purple by: Yair Emanuel
Silk Painted Challa Cover Panorama Purple by: Yair Emanuel
Made by Yair Emanuel Jerusalem. This beautiful art work will add a touch of color and distinction to your Sabbath table.
Artist: Yair Emanuel
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Silk Painted Challa Cover Panorama blue by Emanuel Judaica

The motifs are outlined in gold or black and hand-painted on silk, creating a vivid stained-glass effect.

The fabric undergoes a fixation process to ensure the colors won’t run.


20" X 16"



Yair Emanuel’s challah covers are hand painted, using silk dyes over pure silk. The challah covers are decorated in colorful patterns, rimmed by golden and black lines. The challah covers undergo a process of fixation that preserves their colorfulness over time. The patterns on the covers depict the city of Jerusalem, the Twelve Tribes, and Jewish other motifs. The words “Shabbat VeYom Tov” (Shabbat and Holidays) are written in the center of the challah cover.

Model: CSE-7

The cover is beautifully decorated with a gorgeous panoramic view of Jerusalem, framed by grapes and Sabbath candles on a blue background. The word "Shabbat" in Hebrew appears at the top of the cover and complements the design.