Hadar minim model YAHALOM Plus Leather Case
Hadar minim model YAHALOM Plus Leather Case
Hadar minim model YAHALOM Plus Leather Case
World-Class Patent!! A prestigious Judaica set for carrying the four Species with respectful ease and elegance. Free Worldwide Shipping
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An exclusive Judaica set for carrying the Four Species, in a convenient, prestigious, and elegant manner.
In addition, you will also receive a prestigious leather bag carrier (dark brown color) with two inside pockets designed to contain a prayer shawl and a festival prayer book.

The set includes the following parts:

1. A base
2. A protective base for the lulav
3. A sponge to keep in moisture
4. An etrog box with a strong magnet
5. An upper protective lulav casing – The package is suitable for all types of lulavs. The bottom of the lulav can be trimmed for the best fit
6. A diamond design made of liquid nickel with a plastic based (ABS).

The design is inspired by the silver designs and includes Jewish motifs associated with the holiday of Sukkot. Its main advantage is its very light weight (750 g), making it easy to carry for any age (even children) at an affordable price.


Diameter of base plate: 24 cm
Height: 107 cm
Weight: 0.750 kg