Hadar minim model MALCHUT
Hadar minim model MALCHUT
Hadar minim model MALCHUT
World-Class Patent!! A prestigious Judaica set for carrying the four Species with respectful ease and elegance. This is a unique Judaica product made ​​of 2.250 kg of pure silver, with a substantial presence that combines functionality and tradition.
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An exclusive Judaica set for carrying the Four Species, in a convenient, prestigious, and elegant manner.

The design of the product was inspired by traditional Judaica items such as candlesticks and candelabras with neo-classical sheet denting patterns.
The product is made using advanced techniques, including printing, pressing, sheet denting, and casting, all handmade by the finest silversmiths.
The product has unique features such as a removable etrog box with a strong magnet, a moist-retaining container for the lulav and comfortable grip areas.
The product was designed by the renowned Judaica designer – Tamir Porat, whose work has won awards at international design competitions. Over the past 15 years, Tamir has designed thousands of items for the top Judaica companies in Israel and around the world.
Width: 23 cm
Length: 23 cm
Height: 112 cm