Hamsa Bracelet 925 Silver And Stone
Hamsa Bracelet 925 Silver And Stone  by: YOYO32
Hamsa Bracelet 925 Silver And Stone by: YOYO32
Stunning Hamsa Bracelet Artist Hand Made By Yoyo32 Great Price!!!
Artist: YOYO32
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Hamsa Bracelet 925 Silver And Stone 

Thin wax/ Silicon string  with silver hamsa & stone, magnetic closure

Assorted Colors

Sizes :

 hamsa 14mm length

Item Numerb  B2038H

The Hamsa - Known in the Jewish lore as the Hand of Miriam, serves as an ancient talismanic way of averting the evil eye or more generally of providing a "Protecting Hand" or "Hand of God". Some sources link the significance of the five fingers to the five books of the Torah, or the five pillars of Islam. In recent years some activists for Middle East peace have chosen to wear the hamsa as the symbol of the similarities of origins and tradition between the Islamic and Jewish faiths.

What is the Hamsa Hand?

The Hamsa Hand , which is an artistic rendering of an outstretched hand, is likely the most prevalent symbol throughout the Middle East today. This ever popular talisman, typically featured in jewelry and wall hangings, is thought to give protection from the "Evil Eye" (curses brought on by the envy of others) and to bring good fortune.