Swarovski Crystal Solitaire Ring
Swarovski Crystal Solitaire Ring  by: Danon
Colors options:
R923-S-1 Antique Silver & Clear Crystal
R923-G-20 Yellow Gold Color & Opal
R923-G-8 Yellow Gold & Crimson Color
R923-R-12 Rose Gold & Turquoise Color
Swarovski Crystal Solitaire Ring by: Danon
Danon band ring with a colorful Swarovski crystal center in Available optional colors.
Artist: Danon
Retail Price: 45$
Our Price: 27$

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Swarovski Crystal Solitaire Ring by Danon

Note about finger sizes for this ring:

This ring comes in two finger sizes only.Please select your finger size from the drop down menu below. We will send you the size closest to your selection. If you have any preferences, please state accordingly in the special comments upon check out, or send us an email.

Small: US 6.5 / UK 'N'
Large: US 8.5 / UK 'Q'

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Swarovski Crystal Solitaire Ring: R923