Wooden Challah Board Knife and Stand Figures
Wooden Challah Board Knife and Stand Figures by: Yair Emanuel
Wooden Challah Board Knife and Stand Figures by: Yair Emanuel
Free Worldwide Shipping! The design depicts beautiful pictures of Biblical figures.
Artist: Yair Emanuel
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This beautiful Judaica art challah board and knife with a knife stand will be an amazing addition to your Shabbat table.

The Challah board arrives with a unique transparent Lucite board to protect the wood, so you can cut the bread on the board safely.
Each set arrives with a Board, Knife stand, Knife and Lucite protector.

The set is all hand-painted with acrylics in vibrant color and then lacquered so you can keep the paint fixed and run-free, providing you with a fantastic taste of Shabbat for many years to come...Must be hand-washed.


Challah board: 16.3" X 12.4"
Arrives with protective Lucite cover
Knife and stand: 12.5" X 1.5" X 1.5"



Yair Emanuel’s challah boards are exquisite works of art, adding color and beauty to the Shabbat table and to the challah blessing ceremony. Emanuel’s challah boards are manufactured out of wood painted in vivid acrylics, and are decorated with Jewish motifs such as Jerusalem, the Seven Species, oriental designs, flowers and pomegranates. The lovely challah board is complemented by a tastefully styled metal knife and stand that matches the design, and by a Lucite board, providing protection while cutting the challah. Yair Emanuel’s challah board would be a beautiful addition to your Shabbat table.
Model: CB-NS-PR-4