Kabbalah Jewelry History

Kabbalah Jewelry History

Kabbalah Jewelry History


                                                                Kabbalah jewelry and its use throughout history

Kabbalah jewelry accessories feature several protection motifs from the Kabbalah teachings that are believed to enhance positive changes in life. You might be familiar with the famous Kabbalah Bracelet, a simple red string. However, Kabbalah jewelry accessories include pendants, bracelets and rings featuring Kabbalist spiritual tools, such as the Merkabah, Ana Bekoach prayer, Hoshen stones and the 72 names of God.

Kabbalah accessories have always been worn as talismans. During hundreds of years Jewish men and women have worn them for different purposes: promote health, pregnancy , love, livelihood and so on.

By including these motifs, Kabbalah jewelry is believed to mediate between the material world and the spiritual one, and so to promote positive energies. Many Kabbalah jewelry accessories combine several spiritual motifs that provide strong and effective protection to the wearer. Before you choose a Kabbalah jewelry accessory of any kind we highly recommend that you learn the meaning behind it and search for the piece of jewelry that combines the elements that best meet your needs and wishes.

The world of the Kabbalah

Kabbalah in Hebrew literally means to receive or to accept. The use of the word Kabbalah refers to the teachings that have been delivered by great Kabbalists for many generations of great rabbis and Jewish scholars.

Kabbalists perceive the Torah as an encrypted text that holds the secrets of world's creation. The texts of the Kabbalah used to be part of an ancient oral tradition which was delivered by teachers to their disciplines. Over the centuries, most of the oral tradition has been written down. For many generations Kabbalah teachings included a limited number of people who were great scholars in the Torah and Rabbanic literature. However, today the wisdom of Kabbalah has become much more accessible.

Kabbalah jewelry has been worn as protective amulets

Kabbalah jewelry has been worn as amulets by Jewish men and women for many years. In the past, Jewish people were used to go to their community rabbi who would send them to a jeweler to make them a suitable charm . This charm was made according to the person's needs or situation, for example a woman who struggles to get pregnant.

The various spiritual keys that Kabbakah uses, such as the 72 Names of God are believed to hold energies needed to create the desired changes. Kabbalah jewelry designers today design jewelry accessories with certain purpose, such as an amulet that is auspicious of health, success, finding new love or strengthening relationship.

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