Judaica Hamsa Hand

Judaica Hamsa Hand

Judaica Hamsa Hand




Hamsa or Chamsa as popularly called is an amulet that is associated with one of the world’s most ancient civilizations. It originated in Middle East and is important for Jews and Muslims. The word Hamsa comes from Semitic and it means hand. It looks like human hand that is symmetrical with 1 thumb on each side of three fingers. It is believed to have protective powers and it is very popular all over the world and is used in homes, offices and also worn as jewelry.

Judaica Hamsa

It is Jewish Belief that Hamsa can protect the owners of Hamsa from all the negative energies, evil eye and all bad luck. People wear it or use it at their home and office to get blessings from God and get all the luck and success. Hamsa is also known as the hand of Mirriam who was a great prophetess. She was also the sister of Moshe who is considered the greatest prophet of all times.

Jewish Hamsa Jewelry

In the recent years the interest of people has grown in Kabala and mysticism and this has caused an increase in the popularity of Hamsa. Today the women all across the world are wearing Hamsa Jewelry. You can see the use of Hamsa in earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces. Hamsa jewelry has the motifs that are associated with Hamsa and are known to have special powers to keep the evil powers away from the person who wear it. It is a faith and according to Kabbala, many motifs and symbols are special and they can bring good luck and blessings from the divine power. Some of such symbols are birds, fish and the human eye. You can see these symbols at the center of the Hamsa hand. Hamsa hands can be used for displaying blessings for your business, home and excerpts from the book of Psalms.

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