Passover is at our doors!

Passover is at our doors!

Passover is at our doors!

Passover, a festival of joy and faith in God is celebrated by the Jewish for 7 consecutive days. Jewish people have full faith in god and celebrate this fiesta with respect in their heart for the Passover. This fiesta is in the celebration of getting freedom for the Egyptians. The Jewish were under the slavery of the Egyptians. And getting freedom from this slavery is celebrated as Passover. In the country of Israel, Passover is celebrated for 8 days in a row. The very 1st day of Passover is recognized as Chol HaMoed.

The commandment of torah is strictly followed by the Jewish. This commandment states the abolition of the any kind of unleavened product, which is also known by the name of Chametz. This old story tells that the Egyptians commanded the Jewish to leave their place as soon as possible. Therefore, no time was left to wait for the dough to risen up and finally it came to be as unleavened bread.

This festival of Passover is so special that exceptional glass wares and utensils are used. No cookies or crackers are to be present in the household from the week before the Passover festival is started.

The Passover Seder

The Passover Seder is an integral part of this festival. The story of the victory over the slavery of Egyptians is being told from generation to generations. They tell the great stories about God and the magic that helped them to get rid of the hard slavery under the Egyptians, during that period of time.

This triumph story of freedom is identified by the name of Huggadah. At the time of nightfall, the recital of Huggadah is done. A plate full of food, a wine glass and Huggadah is possessed by each individual in the family.

The meals or the food on the plate are the representation of the Passover Seder. This plate full of special festive food is acknowledged as Seder Plate. Together with this Seder plate, another dish full is distinguished by the name of matzah. The four cups of wine present on the Passover Seder has its own meaning in its way. The meaning of the four cups of wine is given below:

I will bring out I will redeem I will take I will deliver

On the other hand, the last cup of wine is known by the name of almighty “Elijah” (Eliyahu). A royalty chair is set out for him, which represented the story of victory over the slavery under the Egyptians.

While the Huggadah is being narrated, in the story a child asks the question, which was why is this night different from all other nights? this question (Ma Nishanta), is answered as the story proceeds further.

At the concluding of this massive Jewish Festival of the Passover, all the members of family recite an sincere plea to Elijah and request him to accept the night service and hope for the Messiah, which is “Next year in Jerusalem”.

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