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The shofar is a sound producing instrument made from the horn of a ram. Its history dates back to the biblical times when it was used for everything from sounding a warning to celebration to a call to arms. The horn of the ram is hollowed out so one can blow in to it to create sound. The most popular use of the shofar is on the New Year of the Jews when it is sounded to herald the arrival of Messiah. Apart from this it is used during ceremonies, celebrations and even for announcements. Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are some of the occasions when the shofar is played.

There are different types of shofars available like the Ram's Horn and the Kudu. Kudu is also known as Yemenite. This shofar is a long and stylish one. The Ram's horn is smaller in size which makes it easier to carry. It also has a lot of symbolism connected with it. Shofars also have to be prepared according to the Jewish traditions for it to be eligible for use. Once done it is not easy to play the instrument as it requires certain amount of skill. They are available in polished and semi polished version. You can also get plain undecorated ones or then silver coated and painted or embellished shofars.

Playing the shofar requires that you start by learning how to form your mouth. Once you get this part right then the rest will not be so difficult. The horn is played like any other horn instrument.

To get the mouth form right you have form your mouth smaller than it is by tightening the sides of your lips. Air should be sucked in form this small hole of your lips but not from the sides.

Now try and close this hole and blow out as hard as you possibly can. If you can feel your lips vibrating and the sound emitted is somewhat like an elephant call then you have got it right. Now bring the shofar to your lips where you felt your lips vibrate and do the blow again. Now the sound emitted comes from the shofar not your mouth. If that happens, congratulations you are playing the shofar.

Practice will help you blow longer and louder blasts from the shofar. When you master this you can start learning commands of the shofar become a professional shofar player.

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