Jewish Blessing Gifts

Jewish Blessing Gifts

Jewish Blessing Gifts

Blessing gifts with Jewish theme

For a number of physical as well as spiritual requirements, Jewish blessings predominantly focus on blessing G-d. G-d is also blessed by Jewish family before doing any mandate. Jewish prayer books contains standard prayers and blessing of Jewish people, but for particular circumstances, there are special blessings and they are not available in that standard prayer book. Hence these blessings can be a good option for gifting on specific occasions.

Bar Mitzvah’s blessing:

When a Jewish boy reaches at the age of 13, he becomes a full member of the religious community and that occasion is celebrated by giving him tzedakah to encourage the feelings of charity in him. That is the best occasion to gift him blessing G-d. on this occasion, the traditional prayer that is supposed to be recited is available in the Jewish prayer book. Additional blessings are expressed through various means by Jewish artists. These blessings are available in the book of Jewish law.

Blessing for the new home:

Be it rented or own, a Jewish home is said to be a dwelling place of peace, joy and security. One can feel the Divine Presence in a Jewish home. Hence, blessing for the home is an ideal gift for those who are newlywed and going to start a new life or for those who have shifted to a new house. The name of the blessing is Birkat Habayit. Since this blessing does not contain any standard wording, it can be purchased from any artist, store and even online. The best option is the online one, as you can view the gift, mull over it, and compare the prices and choices available all from the comfort of your home. You can make your purchase just at the click of your computer mouse. It is a perfect option for those who are shifting to a new house. One can avail this blessing in paper cur form, as metallic plate, mosaic tile, hamsa and in many other options for gifting purposes. Check out the available forms in the nearest Jewish gift shop.

Jewish wife’s blessing:

Like many other religions, in a Jewish family too woman is considered the core of the home. Hence she is esteemed high in all aspects, right from giving life to spreading happiness and maintaining harmony in the family. Hence it is a good idea to gift something that is based entirely on women. One can go for poems by renowned authors who have described well about women and her qualities. These poems can be crafted as one of the beautiful art pieces in different forms. Check out the stuff available in online stores and the nearby Jewish gift stores. It is good to mull over the different options available before making a final call. Pick the blessing that is just ideal for that particular occasion.

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