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Protection Motifs in Kabbalah jewelry

Protection Motifs in Kabbalah jewelry

Protection Motifs in Kabbalah jewelry

                                                                   Popular Protection motifs in Contemporary Kabbalah jewelry

Short survey will reveal that some of the most popular motifs in Kabalah jewelry are used against the evil eye. Studies by the Kabbalah lengthily discuss the possible negative effects of the envious stare by strangers. The evil eye is believed to bring about bad luck, injuries and other misfortunes into people's life. Kabbalah bracelets and pendants are worn as talismans that provide protection from these potential harms. Therefore, Kabbalah jewelry designers give special attention to those symbols believed to fight these unwanted influences caused by the evil eye. Here we will introduce you to the some prominent Kabbalist protection motifs used in jewelry.

Most of you have probably heard about the Red String bracelet. This famous Kabbalah bracelet is a very simple string worn on the left wrist against the evil eye. The red string comes from Rachel's tomb in Beit Lechem.

However, many Kabbalah jewelry accessories are in fact highly sophisticated pieces made from precious metals. Other talismans that work against the Evil Eye are the popular Hamsa jewelry accessories. Kabbalah jewelry places a special focus on the traditional Jewish motifs that have been believed to ward off the Evil Eye: in addition to the Hamsa hand, you can find fish and the eye symbols. Since fish live in the water and are out of sight, they are protected from the envious stare.

Aleph-Lamed-Dalet – one of the sacred 72 Names

Many of Kabbalah jewelry accessories feature Hebrew letters sequences: initials of blessing and prayers or many kinds of Kabbalist codes, as the 72 names of God. One of the prominent kabbalsit tools is the 72 names of God. 72 names of God are comprised of 72 three-letter combinations from the book of Exodus from which the Kabbalah derives its answers to various aspects of life such as success, love and health. Each of the 72 names of God has its unique power and energy depending on the purpose. Numerous jewelry pieces are inscribed with the three letter sequence in Hebrew, Aleph-Lamed-Dalet. Aleph-Lamed- Dalet combination is believed ward-off the Evil Eye by fighting negative energies and drawing positive ones instead.

Kabbalah jewelry is often inscribed with psalms and prayers in Hebrew taken from the Bible and other sacred sources, such as Shema Yisrael, or Tefilat HaDerech (Traveler's Prayer) is another example, a perfect amulet for travelers and life-long journeys of personal and professional exploration. Another prayer is Ana Bekoah, a very common feature in Kabbalah jewelry. Kabbalist prayer for strength and healing that gives the power to overcome difficulties and reach higher consciousness. The Priestly blessing, Birkat HaKoanim, taken from the Book of Deuteronomy, is considered a very powerful blessing since ity acknoldehes the explicit name of God. Ana bekocah pendant would suit anyone interested in strengthening their spirituality.

Kabbalah jewelry pieces also feature symbols with qualities exclusive to Kabbalah that may not be known to many. One of them is the Hebrew phrase :Ben Porat Yosef. Before his death, Jacob blesses his son Yosef by calling him "Ben Porat Yosef Alei Ayne" which means a fruitful son (book of Genesis, 49:42). In Jewish tradition, Joseph is considered a righteous and virtuous man. It has become common custom to say and inscribe Ben Porat Yosef as a virtue against evil eye to provide blessing and protection.

Energetic stones and Hoshen stones

You can often find pieces incorporated with luck gemstones such as Turquoise and Chrysoberyl (Cat's Eye). Each of these energetic stones carries its own special qualities and helps to intensify the powerful effects of the amulets and luck charms that embody them. You can also find many pieces featuring the Hoshen stones that used be worn by the Kohens, the high priests in the Sinai desert.

The Star of David and Merkabah

You can also find specific structures that are believed to hold and release powerful energies. The Star of David is believed to be a protective amulet because of its hexagram shape that points to the six directions of the Earth. The three-dimensional Star of David form is the Merkabah in Hebrew. Due to its special structure, the Merkabah is believed to release spiritual energies.

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