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Judaica gifts and the meaning behind them

Judaica gifts and the meaning behind them

Judaica gifts and the meaning behind them

Jews have been following a lot of customs and traditions and enjoy a plethora of holidays. There are Yom Kippur, Passover, Rosh Hashanah, Chanukah, Bat Mitzvahs, Bar and of course he weddings. These occasions do not only help the Jews to keep connected to their religion, custom and traditions but also to their family and friends. Wedding is another big occasions where gifts are an important aspect. Most Jews exchange Judaica gifts on such occasions all over the world.

Each of the above occasions has a symbolic gift that is exchanged between family, friends and acquaintances too. Each of these symbolic gifts has some extremely interesting facts. One such gift is the bencher that is adorned with beautiful carvings and is available in amazing colors with lovely carvings. The bencher also known as the birchon is a prayer booklet used by the Jews. It has a collection of songs in praise of the lord, the all mighty and a set of prayers too for various occasions. The most common prayer among these is the Birkat Hamazon. This can also be explained as Grace after meals. To pry after the meal is important as per a chapter in the Bible. A popular gift, the auspicious Bencher is given on weddings and Bat Mitzwahs or the Bar.

Kippah’s, the caps worn by all the Jews that give them their distinct identity is another popular gift exchanged on all festive occasion. Kippah is very popularly known as yarmulke too. Covering the skull with cap is the Jew way of showing respect and honoring the God. Rabbi Hunah ben Joshua explains the concept of yarmulke very well when he says that because the divine presence is always on me. Kippot are available in many colors and designs however; designs that do not adhere to Jew values are discouraged and not allowed.

Mezuzah is another wonderful gift that is lovingly exchanged on many traditional occasions. Mezuzah with phrases in Hebrew is posted on the door frames except the bathroom doors. The modern day Jews post the Mezuzah only on the main door and it is believed that it protects them under the care and guidance of God. Israeli artist do a wonderful job of decorating these Mezuzah in innovative designs.

Chanukah is one of the most popular, preferred and recognizable gift of the Jews. It is a candle stand with nine candle holders. Each candle that is lit symbolizes each Chanukah night. Chanukah too is available in lovely styles and designs. Some even have electric bulbs as an alternative to the wax candles. Beautiful Chanukahs are available in any of the specialized online stores or other specialized stores along with other traditional Jew gifs that are so sought after.

Seder plates too are a great idea that can be gifted on special occasions to friends and relatives. Seder plates are commonly used as plates to serve food during the Passover. The six food served is very symbolic and considered auspicious.

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