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Home » Necklace » Jewish Necklace » Star of David Necklace 9 K Gold
Star of David Necklace 9 K Gold
Star of David Necklace 9 K Gold  by: Magic Touch Jewelry
Star of David Necklace 9 K Gold by: Magic Touch Jewelry
Hebrew Letters A.L.D אלד For Success and Good Luck, Protection against Evil Eye
Artist: Magic Touch Jewelry
Retail Price: 115$
Our Price: 85.9$

You Saved: 33.88%
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Star of David Necklace 9 K Gold

In the Kabbalah there are 72 unique combinations of letters from three verses from the book of Deuteronomy 14, 19-21.

The 72 Names are a power source and not ordinary names, they have by the Kaballah endless spiritual energy and feeling that goes and protect from a person to another and to the all world.

Each name is constituentfrom 72 letters that together create a powerful spiritual commonnesswhich give you good luck and energy, protect and keep you from negative energies in the world.

ALD - is one of the72 names given to God in the Kabbalah, using this name to create a positive energy that surrounds us and protects us from the evil eye.

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