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Dead Sea Cosmetics

Dead Sea Cosmetics

Dead Sea Cosmetics


Dead Sea minerals and products know all over the world not just for beauty purposes. It is a medical product and it is a privilege to use it for cosmetics. Theses minerals have healing effects on your body.

People from whole over the world come to wash their hands and bodies in the Dead Sea for the wonders these minerals can do to your skin and mind.
Because these are very high quality product you don’t have to be generous with the amounts. One spoon is enough for all over your body. Because these minerals are so effective, you are not allowed to use it more than once a week. If u do that you won’t get rid of their dead cells u will get rid of the rejuvenate skin.
Some of most special and very high quality products from the Dead Sea and in our website are:
They look like mud; it smells like mud, its mud. If u smell the mud u sees that it does very pure, just 40 minerals and vitamins that is unique to the Dead Sea region, no chemicals and no fragrance, all natural.
The mud gets rid of around 98% of your dead cells. It works like a magnet so it sucks out dirt, toxic, leftovers from makeup, black heads and white heads. It’s also really good for acne problems. But what it is really amazing for is wrinkles.
The good results of mud comes so quickly because when u exfoliates all your pores are open and when your pores are open they work as tunnels. They supply all the minerals and vitamins that are inside the mud into your cells. And they don’t just stay on the surface of your skin, they go five layers deep. Your skin absorbs and preserves all these unique minerals.
Mud and Mineral Soap
The soaps are enriched with natural minerals from the Dead Sea.
These soaps are to complete the treatment, they are for daily use. The mud soap is for the face and the mineral soap is for all over the body.
Both of them give your skin a very gentle exfoliation and penetration of these minerals every day and not just once a week.
They clean your skin and restore the healthy balance of it.
This is salt from the bottoms of the Dead Sea, contains all minerals that are unique to the Dead Sea region.
You rub the salt all over your body, especially on dry places that need attention, like your heels, elbows, knees and feet. It exfoliates your skin, gets rid of 98% of the dead cells. It makes your skin very soft and smooth. After one time you feel the difference, after 3-4 times your skin will be like a baby's but.
Also u can put one spoon in your bath tab, all the minerals, dissolve in the water and u have your own mineral bath tab. Close the door, light some candles, music in the back round and just relax, forget about the whole world.
Our skin does not produce minerals by itself. You can get it from food, water or through your skin. So you use this cream after wards. Hand cream from the Dead Sea is very unique itself, contains 40 minerals and vitamins and oils which rejuvenate cells and provide long lasting moisture.
Foot Cream
The foot cream is enriched with Dead Sea minerals that nurture skin and preserves its healthy look. It contains a unique herbal combination of Tea Tree Oil, Shea butter, Olive oil and vitamin E.
Because the skin on our feet is drier, it needs more attention; this is why foot creams are thicker and richer with active ingredients.
The foot cream also contains peppermint inside which gives your feet a cool sensation; it is the feeling of heaven after a hard day of work.

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